"Olivia is my go-to producer. Olivia has produced multiple still photo shoots for me and helps to keep my productions on track and on budget. She has great organizational skills and her clear and concise communication keeps everybody on the same page. Olivia's knowledge and experience on set makes her invaluable as a producer. She understands the craft of photography/videography which makes her much more valuable on the pre-production end. Olivia believes in making good work and always does everything she can to elevate my work to the next level."

- Ricky Rhodes, Photographer


"When Olivia is your producer, you know that your work is in excellent hands. I'd trust Olivia with a newborn bald eagle, that's how good she is. She can juggle multiple demands with finesse, and always delivers an outstanding result right on time. When you need something to blow you away, hire Olivia."

-- Kathryn Guess, Copywriter + Creative Strategist


"It's always a pleasure partnering with Olivia on a project. She's organized and insightful, passionate about production, and is one of the exceedingly rare people that make things happen. Olivia "gets it," and the work turns out better when she's involved!"

- Beau Miller, Executive Producer, FACTION Pictures


“I’ve worked with Olivia on several large video initiatives during her time at Marcus Thomas, and in each case she brought a cohesiveness that made very difficult projects not only doable, but enjoyable.  Olivia is a great communicator; she’s always got a firm grasp on the details, but also operates with a personal flair that helps keep the larger team engaged and energized.” 

- Sam Womelsdorf, Producer/Director, The PPS Group


"I’ve had the privilege of working alongside Olivia for nearly 2 years.  In that time, I’ve known her to be hard-working, communicative, efficient and authentic.  She always knows the right questions to ask, but can just as easily come to the appropriate conclusion on her own.  I have no hesitation in recommending Olivia and know that she will always give her best in any endeavor."

- Jerrod McMillin, Senior Integrated Producer, Marcus Thomas LLC